Volunteering projects enable volunteers to enjoy genuine experiences based on mutual benefit between project and volunteer. At AGF we relate your organisation’s values to socially responsible actions.

Our services range from designing specific volunteering plans to providing support for specific social actions.

We conceptualise volunteering plans

We create volunteering plans and manage all the elements that enable your collaborators to participate in volunteering initiatives.

We help to recruit volunteers

We implement internal recruitment strategies for organisations that do not possess a volunteering structure and for activities that require volunteers.

We train volunteers

We organise training sessions to teach volunteers the fundamental features they need to ensure the success of a volunteering event.

We stage the volunteering event

We accompany organisations at their volunteering events, where we also appoint a supervisor who is responsible for solving any problems and answering any queries that may arise.

We design and produce corporate merchandise

We design and produce any items that may be needed for the event, such as worker identification tags, corporate gifts, etc.

We produce audiovisual material

An experience never fades if there is something to help you remember it. We produce high-quality souvenirs  – such as photographs, pills and corporate videos – that stand the test of time.