AGF Genuine Experiences

Who we are

AGF Genuine Experiences is a project agency with offices in Barcelona and Tarragona. We were founded in 2017 together with the first international football tournament for players with functional diversity involving professional clubs: the Champions Genuine. One season later we joined forces with LaLiga and the LaLiga Foundation to create LaLiga Genuine Santander, the first soccer league for players with intellectual disabilities.  

We define ourselves as co-creators of Social Responsibility. We are passionate about providing solutions in the fields of communications, logistics and events planning.  

Now we would like to help you too. Would you like to learn more about us? 

Our mission

To plan and jointly deliver your contribution to the environment

Our mission is to accompany organisations at the creation and execution phases of their projects, making communication the focus of their strategy while developing experiences and boosting Social Responsibility.


1. To help organisations to conceptualise and carry out their projects
2. To provide our clients with quality solutions
3. To bolster communication as a strategic axis
4. To develop high-added-value experiences
5. To help achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
6. To co-create in order to ensure success